Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh Canada!

So this weekend I took a little trip up to Canada (by myself for the first time, which was kind of scary. But hey! I survived!)

So the first stop once in Canada was of course, the Richmond International Night Market (which was a lot smaller and sadder than I had imagined).

Yumm waffles!

This girl, Emily Seal, performed. And she was pretty good!

Despite the fact that the Night Market wasn't as exciting as I was expecting, I got to see this amazing sunset, so everything was okay :)

Oh this is where it gets really good. So on day two, we heard rumors that there was supposedly a rare occurrence of Aurora Borealis (I guess that was the name of this particular Northern Lights show) happening is some southern regions around the the world, so being the adventurous little adventurers we are, we went out at around 10 pm in the hopes we would catch a glimpse. Only to find out that the  view point on the mountain was completely packed with cars parked for miles. So we continued our adventures elsewhere and found a little park where there was only about 6 other people. And long story short, sadly, we didn't get to see the Northern Lights this time around, but I got some cool pictures (right before the police came and kicked everyone out).

And finally, our last adventure was probably one of my favorites because there was so much pretty nature to see. We went to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and watched people cliff jump!

Afterwards, we finished our day going to Burnaby Lake (aka land of the million birds).

I also made a little friend! 

It's always so surprising seeing how much beauty there is in the world (cheesy, I know, but it's true!). I definitely need to take advantage of it more often. Anyways, that's the summary of my weekend trip to Canada. If anyone of you live near these areas I would definitely recommend going! It's so beautiful.